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Sunday February 25 2018 

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Umpire Information Package

Attention all  Level 3 /4 /5 Umpires
Rule clarification: Baseball  Ontario has removed re entry at Junior Rep games for all Baseball Ontario games. For example tournament games,  Junior Eliminations. However, in COBA  regular season games re- entry will be allowed in Junior rep games.
If you have any questions contact 
Dave Margetts


Rookie Ball Guide



Please remember, the baseball season is a prime time for thunder storms, so be aware of lightning and remember the 30-30 Rule

 30-30 Rule: Determine the threat of lightning in your area.

  • 30 Seconds:Count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If this time is less than 30 seconds, lightning is still a potential threat. Seek shelter immediately.
  • 30 minutes: After the last lightning flash, wait 30 minutes before leaving shelter. Half of all lightning deaths occur after the storm passes. Stay in a safe area until you are sure the threat has passed.

Blue Notes  @ www.baseballontario.com                  

 "Pitch Counts?"

 In amateur baseball, there are various rule differences from professional baseball. A new set of rules in Baseball Ontario are established for 2008 and are specifically designed to protect our young pitchers.

 These are Pitch Counts. Umpires also must remember that there are specific rules for  trips to the mound and 

  • removal of a pitcher which are unique to Baseball Ontario and the level of play.

When the pitcher has thrown the minimum number of pitches outlined below, they cannot pitch the next calendar day. Upon achieving the maximum count, the pitcher must be removed from the pitching position.

 Pitch Count Limits


 When the maximum limit is reached, the pitcher can finish pitching to the existing batter and then MUST be removed from the pitching position. It is the Manager's Responsibility to remove the pitcher from the pitching position and must not wait for the umpire to check the pitch counts!


If the manager does not remove the pitcher and the pitch count is exceeded, the game is forfeit! A second violation of this rule will result in the indefinite suspension of the manager. 

Level Pitch Count (Calendar Day) Trips to the Mound
Minor & Major mosquito

Greater than 45 up to 70 pitches

Unlimited unless it is meant to delay the game, then disallowed; once removed cannot pitch again in that game

Minor & Major Peewee, Peewee Girls  

Greater than 55 up to 80 pitches

Third trip to the same pitcher/same inning, removal from the pitching position; once removed cannot pitch again in that game

Minor & Major Bantam, Bantam Girls

Greater than 65 up to 90 pitches

Second trip - same pitcher/same inning; removal from the pitching position and cannot pitch in that game again

Minor & Major Midget, Women

Greater than 75 up to 100 pitches  

Second trip - same pitcher/same inning; removal from the pitching position and cannot pitch in that game again

Special Notes:

 When counting pitches, a balk will be considered a pitch if the ball is thrown.

  • An official Pitch Count Recorder must be identified by the score keeper and must provide the pitch count to either manager or the umpires.
  • It is the Pitch Count Recorder's responsibility to inform the home plate umpire that the pitch count limit is reached. If Pitch Count Recorder fails in this action, it is still the responsibility of the defensive team's manager to remove the pitcher.
  • A player in-eligible to pitch or removed from pitching can play in another position.