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Tuesday April 25 2017 

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Parks Information

This page will contain the necessary information regarding Parks & Scheduling.


Schedule Updates:

April 24, 2017         - House League Schedules are being uploaded daily. Mosquito is now posted. All divisions should be viewable on the Web. Check back regularly for your team's schedule located under "House League+" Tab.

April 23, 2017          - All Practice Schedules released to Convenors for All Divisions (Rep & House League). 

April 22, 2018           - Schedules are completed and will be posted by end of this week end for all divisons. First day of permits is May 1, 2017. Games start for most divisions May 8.

April 16, 2017           - Draft Schedules for Soft Toss, Blast Ball, T-Ball, Grasshopper and Mosquito are now complete. Baseball's Back Schedule has been released to Rep Coaches and Convenors for team notification. All schedules to be completed by Parent's Night (Thursday).

April 13, 2017           - Draft Schedules for Blast Ball and Grasshopper are complete. Posting to occur within the week. Baseball's Back Schedule to be posted by end of Easter Week End.

March 29, 2017         -  Allocation of diamonds is now completed for the groups of divisions. Final team numbers have been completed. Schedule creation is underway and will be posted once completed.

February 1, 2017       -  Planning stages for diamond times are underway. Final info will be posted once registration is closed and all diamond bookings are confirmed. Schedule to be provided to coaches at coaches meeting.


Rain Outs:

The City of Burlington advises us via email if Parks are closed in the city. The general time frame for notification is 3:00pm. Once a notice is received, that is communicated via email to all coaches as soon as possible.To join the City of Burlington's eNews, click here.


All rained out Practices & Games must be reported to the Parks Scheduler within 24 hours of the rain out. BOMBA can receive refunds for the fields when rain outs occur.


Follow the form details to complete the form.


If you are unsure as to whether you need to report your rain out, please refer to the information listed on the first page of the form.


Click here to go to the Rain Out Form.


 Play Offs:

2017 Info to Follow

Game Reporting:

2017 Info to Follow in late April

Game results will be updated weekly on the BOMBA site starting in late May.


Rescheduling of Games/Practices: 

Any dates that require rescheduling due to availability or rain outs must be communicated to the Parks Scheduler as soon as possible. When requesting alternate dates:

For Practices:   Check the schedule posted for Open Dates and propose 1-2 alternate dates in your email to the Parks Scheduler.

For Games:   Please confer with the opposing team to find out several dates that may work. At present, the widest available times come on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Once you have some general ideas on rescheduling, please email the Parks Scheduler with your dates and preferred times. (AM, Afternoon, Night)  A reply or phone call will be returned with your options. Consulting the practice schedule will also provide some insight into what may be open to you.

Regarding Umpires:   If you have a game scheduled, email the umpire schedulers SEPARATELY to cancel the umpires for your game. When you confirm your new game with the Park Scheduler, he will forward the confirmation onto the umpire schedulers for the make up game. There is no need for you to do it.



2017 Info to Follow in April